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Fire Emblem 6 TAS v5 Chapter 12

Quite a few changes here, and I also had to feed Roy a kill in order to get him to L4 and 7 Def. This will make it easier to manipulate Ch14/19 enemy phases, as you'll see. Turn 1: Merlinus takes a door key from his stash and gives it to Marcus, who takes out one of the fighters near him. Thany collects Roy and equips the Slim Lance (Slim Sword lacks the mt to OHKO the knight). Thany clears up on EP Turn 2: Marcus needs Iron Axe to kill the knight. Thany advances into the corridor. This EP allowed Marcus to counter-crit the last fighter, and Thany to dodge all the archers that attack her. Turn 3: Drop Roy here. Marcus shifts 2 spaces to the west, after manipulating the next turn's critical. Turn 4: Thany crits the first fighter. Marcus in this position is able to shift through more RNs, so does so to set up the enemy phase. Thany takes out the remaining fighters, deliberately misses killing the first archer which prevents the other attackers from reaching her, and chips the warrior for Str/Spd/Luk level up. Turn 5: Slim Sword used to finish off the warrior. Marcus moves here to avoid triggering the longbow archer. Turn 6: Roy is collected to avoid enemy phase attacks. Turn 7: Dropping Roy here avoids both the Longbow and the Sleep Staff. Turn 8: Roy levels off the nearby priest, for HP/Skl/Luk/Def/Res (the Def increase being the most important). Marcus swaps the Angelic Robe for the Wyrmslayer. Thany rescues Roy. Turn 9: Marcus opens the door and blocks one spawn point ...

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