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Fire Emblem Tutorial: RNG Abuse

Well, only text here, sorry for being lazy to record the actual thing, my emulator is buggy. :( Before reading on, RNG basically means Random Number Generator, it is a device that Fire Emblem uses for basically most of the mechanics. (Stats for level up, hit/miss, critical, random item, etc.) Basically a random number will be given in any order, then the character's action will be depending on that number, it's actually very luck based. However, we can abuse that LUCK! Let's see how we do it. In order to "abuse" RNG, we have to make the game make a "choice". Since the game cannot "choose", it will use the RNG to decide for them. Everytime a game make a "choice", a certain amount of RNs will be skipped, depending on the situation. The next value will be used for the next event. "Choice" here can mean whether Lyn is able to deal a critical to the brigand, or whether to dodge a strike from him. Read on for more details. First, choose a character with 5 or 7 movement range (It is easier to RNG abuse with these numbers, others work too). Try making a square around the character, make sure there are no movement hindering terrains like forests, deserts, etc. For characters with 5 movement, after you have made a half of the square (shown in the video), if you tried to move again, the arrow path will reset. Usually, the game will CHOOSE the nearest path that you have made. However, if there are 2 or more available paths that contains the same number of steps, like in the video ...

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