Video - Flowmaster Muffler on 2012 Dodge Challenger

Videa Dodge Challenger Flowmaster Muffler on 2012 Dodge Challenger

Flowmaster Muffler on 2012 Dodge Challenger

Install of 40 Series FlowMaster, tail pipes, and tips on 2012 Dodge Challenger with 5.7 Hemi. The first time you hear the engine revving is WITH FLOWMASTERS but WITHOUT the tail pipes -- straight FlowMasters. Then... the awesomeness. This is a fantastic custom exhaust package we've put together for Dodge Challengers and Chargers. We replace, repair, and install mufflers, catalytic converters, and complete exhaust systems on any make or model of car ( We offer special custom exhaust packages for new Dodge Challengers and Challengers and for Chevy Camaros. Ask about the "555" and "888" deals. Custom Exhaust Systems Whether you want to improve the sound of a brand new car or truck, increase the horsepower of your new sports car, or install a complete custom exhaust system from headers to tips to mandrel-bent pipes on your classic hot rod come to our 1960 & Kuykendahl location where our performance exhaust pros will install exactly what you want. Mandrel Bent Pipes We also have a custom mandrel pipe bender, for the serious muffler enthusiast. Mandrel bent pipes maintain the full diameter of the pipe throughout bends which means you get better power and fuel economy. Since 1973 Ripley's Muffler & Brakes is the leading custom exhaust installer in Houston, Texas. 1960 & Kuykendahl: (281) 444-3885 The Woodlands: (281) 363-5086



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