Video - God of War 2: New Speed Record (Bonus Play - Exploit Speedrun - PS3)

Videa Dodge Sling Shot God of War 2: New Speed Record (Bonus Play - Exploit Speedrun - PS3)

God of War 2: New Speed Record (Bonus Play - Exploit Speedrun - PS3)

New speed record for God of War 2 (PS3), conditions for speed: PS3, Bonus Play, God Armour, All Weapons/magics/spells, Max Settings, Skips & Exploits, Urns active, Easy Mode. My Twitter account: My time at the final savepoint of the game is 1:03:45 My actual final time is 1:08:58 (Approx). I consider a PS2 & PS3 speedrun of this game to be incomparable. But for the sake of some sort of comparison, my time on the PS2 for this game is 1:13:57 (Almost 5 min difference). Run Points: When I pause the video, it's to stop the clock & give things time to load. COLOSSUS I 1. I used AKheon's speed tactic at the sling, draw colossus away from grabbing more enemies by flinging the rock . I break out from the sling, damage him to his final state at the very same time that I'm getting into the sling. While Colossus is stunned, Kratos is - off camera - cocking himself in the sling. RHODES BATHHOUSE 2. Due to quick PS3 loading times, I couldn't get the 'Colossus foot skip' to work consitently enough to use, the game detects Kratos approaching MUCH quicker on the PS3, & loads the foot consistently. RHODES PALACE 3. Skipping the block pushing puzzle. This skip is an improvement, because it turns out that you can cross to beyond the 2nd gate without a long jump. EASTERN RAMPARTS 4. I didn't use the 'wooden beam skip', cos it takes nearly the same amount of time, & I didn't have patience to go from Palace savepoint to Return from Hades savepoint. 7. After shooting Prometheus, you ...

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