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Guild Wars 2 - Champion Rhendak the Crazed

The dungeon is mostly of level 25+ enemy Flame legion charr, it has 3 floors, 1 on ground, 2 under water. Lobby room artifact: statue head After entering the orange portal, you'll be spawned with your back facing a entrance gate, do not click on this gate! You will end up exiting the dungeon and in need of running across the whole map to the portal again. As you travel down into the lobby room, you'll see a bunch of statues at the far side wall, and small square stones on the floor. Don't step on those stones, it will set off arrow traps that can kill you in an instant. You now must attack the statue and gather at least 1 statue head, make sure 1 member on your team is in charge of holding it, and don't drop it or it'll disappear! The Ice wall room artifact: sword Now that you or your party obtained a statue head, you must now gather a second artifact, you guessed it, it's a sword. The sword room is some what hidden when I first tried the dungeon. It is located to the left, downstairs from lobby room, and has a narrow entrance. It is blocked by a Wall of solid ICE, on top of that, it is guarded by a Flame Legion Engineer who uses a flame thrower, and is hard to kill. You or your party must kill this engineer, he will drop a flamethrower which you have to use to break down the ICE wall. Once that's done, you will enter a room made purely of ice with a light shinning in the middle. This is where a puzzle is present. What you have to do is leap to the top of the broken ...

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