Video - (HD) Zag Legacy / Ranger PvP Turtorial

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow (HD) Zag Legacy / Ranger PvP Turtorial

(HD) Zag Legacy / Ranger PvP Turtorial

I finally went though the 30+ hours of FRAPS videos I had of Zag rifting to make you guys a little taste of what I like to do! I also decided I'd add a few tips on rifting as a ranger and pvp in general. I probably wont be playing Zag on Azphel anymore, but I'll have more sin and ranger pvp vids from Lumiel asmo side soon =) This was my second movie I've made using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 so I hope you guys enjoy it! Annotations: Sometimes its good to allow your enemy to hit you regularly, if you can handle the dmg. This causes them to get tunnel vision and they are less likely to run. In other cases such as this 50 sin stay the hell away from them. There are many reasons to run in and out of range, skill cooldown, enemy cast, your health (potion cooldown), you can also line of sight the enemy. Keep yourself moving forward, only stop to cast stun shot, rupture arrow, swift arrow, and only if you know that after you cast it your enemy wont be out of range. Moving forward increases your physical attack, and decreases other stats. Moving sideways and backward also have positive and negative effects. When kiting an enemy that you cant entangle, you can jump as you run and at the peak of your jump press C to fire an arrow. You will learn to time jumps with your bow auto fire cooldown. You can also press skills rite before you land your jump. When you land the skill will fire and you will keep moving without dealing with the action of the skill. Anti shock scrolls absorb aether hold ...

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