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Hot Ones Backwoods Bomb

I picked up the Boulevard 1934 Chrysler Airflow probably sometime in June. The rest of the cars mentioned I picked up in late July 2012. The Boulevard T-Bucket looks great with the thin white-wall tires. I had to add it to my T-Bucket pile. I didn't buy the last couple mainline T-Buckets because Mattel changed the body to plastic. I discussed the 'casting changes' of the T-Bucket in my T-Bucket Goes Plastic video. Here's the link: If you like T-Buckets, Check out my opening a Johnny Lightning White Lightning T-Bucket! It was only the third video that I ever uploaded to YouTube! My skillz haz come a long way =) If you're curious, here is my second oldest video: And my very first video that I ever uploaded! OK, back to this video. I set free a Hot Ones '56 Chevy. Nice flames! As for the Long Gone, I had opened it up in my Long Gone video: Hey! A couple Real Rider trucks sneak into this video! A plum Good Ol' Pick Um UP and a Dodge Rampage =) I'm pretty stoked to find the new Hot Ones Backwoods Bomb to compare it to my redline version!

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