Video - Hydrogen boosted Dodge Durango.

Videa Dodge Durango Hydrogen boosted Dodge Durango.

Hydrogen boosted Dodge Durango.

After running this unit a while, I feel I can share it with my friends. My baseline mileage over 6 months w/out the gen was 11.5 city, 15.3 highway. Brand new the 98 durango has a listed economy of 11 city, 16 highway. With the gen running 15-30 amps my ave. mpg is 15.2 city, 22.0 highway. I'm very pleased with my fuel savings although it will take months to pay for itself. I'm very impressed with the throttle response and can break the tires free a bit easier. haven't noticed a difference while cruising except the mpg increase. any questions, please ask.

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