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Kai Shortbow Fire Rate

Update: See the addendum for the rapid fire glitch. Recorded at a flat 30FPS. 0 Attack Speed bow. Firing 10 arrows with 3 different methods to demonstrate some things about Kai's fire rate with the Shortbow. The frame counts are estimates, they're not completely accurate. I started counting when the fire effect for the first arrow started until the effect for the last arrow started. However it still should get the point of the video across. The pause in the 3rd example was longer than necessary as well, but it still is the fastest. With some better timing you'll save around half a second every 5 shots past 5 and that will add up very quickly. You can replace the pause with something like a dodge or a kick, which will be a more realistic scenario. And yes I am aware there are rapid fire glitches. But honestly those seem inconsistent (and prone to being patched out).

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