Video - Kid Icarus Playthrough: Stage 1-3 (Underworld 3)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Kid Icarus Playthrough: Stage 1-3 (Underworld 3)

Kid Icarus Playthrough: Stage 1-3 (Underworld 3)

There's one chamber here where a god will challenge you to survive some harsh training. This involves throwing tiles everywhere in the room. Pit can dodge them or shoot them. You can leave the room while this happens if it's too much for you, but you can't come back, and the god will call you a weakling. Stay and endure for long enough, however, and he'll reward you by letting you choose one of three weapons, as shown at 6:29: The red blob with the "F" on it is a Fire Arrow. This gives Pit a fireball to swirl around his arrows; it does its own separate damage. The weapon in the middle is the Sacred Bow. This increases the distance Pit can fire his arrows. The rod on the right gives Pit a Crystal Shield. Two crystals circle around him and attack separately from Pit's arrows. For now I got the shield. Pit can't use it yet until his health is high enough, though.

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