Video - Legend of Zelda: OoT Master Quest 67x - Ganon, You Must Die! (Non-Dub Edition)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Legend of Zelda: OoT Master Quest 67x - Ganon, You Must Die! (Non-Dub Edition)

Legend of Zelda: OoT Master Quest 67x - Ganon, You Must Die! (Non-Dub Edition)

WARNING: There is some profanity in this video, children viewership is not recommended. You've been WARNED! Also, ignore what I say around 6 minutes. It's mainly the intended end of the last video and the first half of the next video rolled into one. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest and its characters are copyright of Nintendo and was released on the Nintendo 64, also ported to the Gamecube. This is the Gamecube version Recording, gameplay and commentary done by me. CD-i Ganon, SSBM & SSBB Ganondorf soundbytes belong to its respective voice actor. NOTE: I have a request guys. To promote some participation, if you have some vast knowledge about the original OoT (AKA played it a TON), please note any differences that you see in the dungeons in Master Quest. I would greatly appreciate it, thank you! NOTE #2: I plan to keep the solely-based sidequesting videos to a minimum to streamline this LP a little better. While it's important to showcase how to get extra things, I plan to leave that video footage after the main part of the video and focus more on plot progression. That way there will be less filler and more productive action! Not to mention, it gives options to the viewer, as it will be clearly separated in the videos. This is the very interesting collapsing castle sequence. I'm not sure if it is a nod to Metroid in any way BUT you have 3 minutes to escape Ganon's Castle. In some respects, the time's fairly tight and if you screw up and have a lot of ...

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