Video - Level 2 Cleric vs Moonlight Butterfly

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Level 2 Cleric vs Moonlight Butterfly

Level 2 Cleric vs Moonlight Butterfly

aka Learn to dodge, bro. This is pathetic but it shows what a level 2 cleric can do with starting gear. Following EpicNameBro's challenge guidelines for this non-challenge boss. Rules. #1 You may not level. #2 With the exception of rings, you may only use your starting equipment. #3 The only Blacksmiths who may Modify your equipment are Andre and Rickert. Normal, Raw, Divine, Occult, Magic, and Enchanted are ok. Fire and Lightning are NOT allowed. #4 You may not use any healing items during a boss battle. Clerics can cast heal with no restrictions. #5 You may not enter new covenants. (If you are a knight / cleric, Way of White is allowed.) #6 You may not upgrade your pyromancy flame. #7 No summons. You MAY buy consumables, including resins, spells and arrows. You MAY remove equipment. If the challenge is too easy, add your own restrictions. These are only the BASE guidelines for this challenge. Season to taste, bro!

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