Video - Mario Kart Wii - 50cc Banana Cup Grandprix 3 Star Rank Part 2

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Mario Kart Wii - 50cc Banana Cup Grandprix 3 Star Rank Part 2

Mario Kart Wii - 50cc Banana Cup Grandprix 3 Star Rank Part 2

About: Grandprix on 50cc with Karts only Light weight class Mii Rider with Mini Beast Vehicle Head over to the Mii channel to lower your character weight and height and you be able to choose light weight class. Race Tracks: DS Delfino Square: there is a shortcut here which i didn't take its at the left side of the shore try not to hit the building walls or you'll slow down the time i beat on delfino square was 03:09:667 GCN Waluigi Stadium: there are many ramps to make tricks on this track don't touch the mud pile or you"ll slow down becareful not get block by the piranha at the pipes area and avoid the fire wheels the time i beat on waluigi staduim was 03:07:928 In order to get a 3 star rank: Rocket Start: as the number 2 begins disappears press the accelerate button Mini-Boost & Super Mini-Turbo: you must have drifting skills around corners Shortcuts: Some tracks has shortcuts to gain ahead in first Tricks: Flick your wii wheel to perform stunts around jumps Defence Item: Shells,Bananas and Fake Item Box are useful when first in lead Speed Time: often use arrow boost to make lower times and shortcuts Dodging Items: Its okay being hit sometimes by the Spiny Shell or the POW block if you manage to dodge these items you get a 3 star rank

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