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Mega Man 9 (Follow-Up) - Hornet Man

On the other hand, Hornet Man has always remained a consistently hard Robot Master for me. While he keeps up a standard pattern he never deviates from, merely moving around won't prevent you from getting hit. The Hornet Chasers aim for you, and they have an uncanny way of knowing where I'll be. It seems that in order to be effective in this fight, you must fire precisely, quickly, and consistently. That's something that I can't do. You can see that by now, I've fgured out to destroy as many Hornet Chasers as possible before trying to attack Hornet Man, but the problem is that I miss most of them. My timing is off, either in jumping or Mega Man's altitude when I press the attack button. I had a strategy, but it didn't work for me because I don't have the skill to do it consistently enough, and because I can't keep track of so many things wandering around the arena at the same time. I may have been too impatient. When I'm firing away with the Mega Buster, that's part of my concentration diverted into seeing if the blasts have hit, meaning I'm more prone to being attacked. If you notice carefully, in this fight and any other boss fight, there are period were I plain don't fire, even when I had an opportunity to strike, and that's because I was dodging. I can't dodge and fire simultaneously, at least effectively.

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