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Mega Man 9 - Magma Man's Stage

Magma Man's stage can be fairly tricky as there are a lot of little traps out to get you in this one. There is also a lot of especially risky jumps that could end up sending you into a lava pit. There are ways to get past those jumps a bit more safely though... One of the notable things about this level is that it has a mini-boss. The dragon mini-boss can be rather painful if you don't know when to time your jumps (or if you keep screwing up the timing), but if you want to kill him a bit easier you can use the Black Hole Bomb weapon (which I don't bother with). Amusing fact, though, when you use the Black Hole Bomb on the dragon, it ends up sucking all the fire off of its body as well, leaving behind only its bones! Magma Man is probably the hardest boss to take on with only your buster as his attack is rather difficult to avoid. I find it's easier to try and get him to jump over you as often as possible so you don't even have to try and dodge his Magma Bazooka attack. Enjoy!~

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