Video - Megaman X3 100% Walkthrough Part 9 - Blast Hornet + Extra Upgrades

Videa Dodge Hornet Megaman X3 100% Walkthrough Part 9 - Blast Hornet + Extra Upgrades

Megaman X3 100% Walkthrough Part 9 - Blast Hornet + Extra Upgrades

*PLEASE READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION!!* Alright, back with the final boss for the first set before sigma. And the boss is very easy to deal with because i dont even have to be near this guy to use his weakness. After i beat him, i do some quick running around and tie up some loose ends by getting all the upgrades i've missed. Blast Hornet: Weakness: Gravity Well Special Weapon: Parasitic Bomb Blast Hornet will be flying around the top of the screen most of the time during this battle. He will often extend his large sting tail and will charge down at X. Dash away from him to dodge it. He will also often fire out several bee-type projectiles that will stick to you and cause damage if they hit X. To defeat him, use the Gravity Well. When you fire it out, Blast Hornet will begin to take damage even if the vortex isn't touching him. Make sure that you don't get hit by the small bees. When you defeat him you'll receive the Parasitic Bomb. Items Here: The eighth heart is in Blast Hornet's stage. When you find the Chimera carrier, ride it out of the underground room and continue going right. When you reach the tunnel which is too small for the Chimera to enter, go to the edge of the opening, jump up with the carrier and then jump out of it to reach the wall. You can also use the Leg upgrade and dash upwards to reach this. Climb up the wall and continue right to find this heart. The Chimera armor can be found in Blast Hornet's stage. You will need to first find this armor before you can ...

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