Video - Megaman X3 Zero Perfect Run - Doppler Stage 3

Videa Dodge Hornet Megaman X3 Zero Perfect Run - Doppler Stage 3

Megaman X3 Zero Perfect Run - Doppler Stage 3

Ah the boss rush section. It took a good few attempts to get through it all unscathed, but it was still an enjoyable run. I did have to split the video since it is quite a long stage because of all the bosses. I did manage to fit all of the re-matches in the first video. There really isn't much else to state, so enjoy! Maverick Boss Order: Neon Tiger (ray splasher is not fun to dodge when your nerves are shot) Blizzard Buffalo (only because of his ice shards) Tunnel Rhino (his feints cause trouble) Volt Catfish (miss the timing on his weakness, it's basically a guaranteed hit). Crush Crawfish (last boss to require thought?) Blast Hornet Gravity Beetle Toxic Seahorse

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