Video - MHF2/U Mission 16 Rarest of the Rare Beasts

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow MHF2/U Mission 16 Rarest of the Rare Beasts

MHF2/U Mission 16 Rarest of the Rare Beasts

2* Quest 11 - Rarest of the Rare Beasts Requirement: Kill the Congalala Time limit: 50 minutes Monsters I Encountered: Congalala Yet another pink animal... Is pink the new black? never mind, time to spank a monkey! Here's his Weakness stats: Element: Fire Head (Best Cut&Impact) Body (Average Impact, Decent Cut) Arms (Average Cut&Impact) Tail (Decent Cut&Impact) Breakables: Tail Tip (Drops item it's holding), "Hair Horn", & Front Claws. I find this creature to be on my top 5 of Most Annoying Hunts. He's so fat, smelly, and such a reckless charger that he even puts me to shame... wait, never mind. Just bring some potions, you'll need them. You'll find him Munching on some mushrooms in Area 3 so zip over there and get ready to have some fun. Like always, I find that blindly charging creatures always fall for a Shocking Trap so drop one down. His head is the weak point so try to hit it as much as possible but then run or dodge out of the way, or you'll be dozed over. Few things you'll need to know: If youre using a bow, don't shoot his belly when he puffs it out; You'll end up bouncing the arrow back into your face, trust me I poisoned myself doing so VV He causes earth quakes if you stand close to him when he does his sweep combo so stand back and then charge in. Avoid his farting and poo slinging or you'll be unable to use most items until you throw down a Deodorant. Lastly, When his face and butt turn red you'll have to be quick on your feet cause this monkey gets massive ...

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