Video - Monkeying Around - A Diddy Kong SSBB Guide

Videa Dodge Sling Shot Monkeying Around - A Diddy Kong SSBB Guide

Monkeying Around - A Diddy Kong SSBB Guide

WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! A video guide on how to play Diddy Kong. I have received multiple questions about how to do something with Diddy Kong, such as "How do you glide toss" or "How do you play like that with Diddy Kong". Well, here it is. This is not every technique, so you'll have to experiment with him to find them out. If the video is moving too fast, just press pause. Send this video around to anyone who you think could learn from this video. Anyways, enjoy the vid and don't forget: Comment, Rate, Subscribe. In this video I am using a Gamecube Controller. Technique #1 - Smash Banana Press down and B, as if you were doing a smash attack. Technique #2 - Banana Smashing Hold A while performing a smash attack and while holding a banana. Technique #3 - Glide Toss Dodge roll and flick the c-stick in the direction you want to throw the banana. Technique #4 - Auto Canceled Aerials Execute an aerial quick enough so that it ends before you hit the ground. Technique #5 - Dash Attack Setups Perform a dash attack and follow up with move of choice. Technique #6 - Single Dribbling Glide toss the banana downwards and press A before the animation ends. Technique #7 - Double Dribbling Glide toss the banana downwards towards a second banana and repeat. Technique #8 - Jab Canceling Jab twice, crouch, then use any move of choice. Technique #9 - Popgun Cancel Throw a banana with Z while using the popgun. Technique #10 - Slingshot Smashing Dash Pivot, and just as Diddy swings back ...

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