Video - Monster Hunter Portable (Freedom) 3: Purple Ludroth

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Monster Hunter Portable (Freedom) 3: Purple Ludroth

Monster Hunter Portable (Freedom) 3: Purple Ludroth

My first upload. I used the fully upgraded Volcano Bnahabra bow (the one that deals fire damage) and fully upgraded Electric Gigginox armor. Poison Ludroth, along with all the other monster subspecies, are exclusively high rank. Skills: Marathon Runner (lose less stamina while charging arrows) Focus (Charge up my arrows faster) Stamina Capture (drains more stamina from the monsters when I use a stamina draining attack, such as when I make it rain arrows on the monster) Sneak (Gemmed in, monster will pay more attention to cats/other players than me) Spirit's Whim (necklace / Talisman, bug nets and pickaxes break a lot less) Felyne Comrade's armor: CAT full high rank Deviljho (mostly bombs) Airu (Japanese cat) full high rank Amatsu with the Agnaktor weapon (Boomerang + Melee) This video is a prime example of why you shouldn't get greedy with your hits. There was several times where I got hit because I was trying to get the arrow to fly through his head, sponge, body, all the way to his tail to get extra hits. It has been a week or two since I used bow, and a while since I fought Poison Ludi, which is why the fight was rather sloppy and why my dodge rolls where off (with me rolling into a ball of poison). The quality might drop if you full screen the video, not because of bad quality or anything, but because MHP3 was made to be played on the PSP's smaller screen. The music is the music that plays whenever an unexpected monster (like deviljho) appears during a quest it's not ...

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