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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow New Fire Kinjutsu Testing

New Fire Kinjutsu Testing

I do not own the Music used in this Video - All rights reserved to the owner of the songs. I'm just curious about the exact Accuracy of New Fire Kinjutsu which can be claimed on Ninja Saga 3rd Anniversary. It's Kinjutsu : Benika Ichimonji and Kinjutsu : Dragon Fire Majestic Arrow. After I tried it , with the jutsu that i own right now (more detail is in video, just watch it -.-), my curiosity is getting bigger since the jutsu even can hit +224% Dodge Chance (ono). Up until now, i still wondering the exact Accuracy of both Jutsu (dizzy). *I Use my Dummy to do the practice :3 Thanks for watching ^_^ Don't Forget to Click Like and Subscribe.

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