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Videa Dodge Razor NG3: Razor's Edge - Day 1 London City

NG3: Razor's Edge - Day 1 London City

For full playlist check here: Now that Razor's Edge is finally released here in the EU, it's time to get down to business and see just how much improved this version really is. This is a blind run, meaning that this is my first time playing Razor, so expect a lot of screw-ups and noob combos until I get a better grip on the game. I'll also timestamp certain important parts for easy reference. Now without further ado, let's get this show on the road! Day 1 starts of with you chopping things in London. Mostly an easy stage where you fight Terrorists, Armored Soldiers and the Berets. The Armored Soldiers take a lot of hits to defeat while the Berets are great at pressuring you. You'll find yourself having a hard time if you don't abuse the new SoB system. SoB: this system, which was first introduced in NG3, is a grab counter allowing you to instantly kill the grabber by dodging a red glowing grab and hitting them with X and chain this to other opponents. Higher level weapons allow longer chains and each SoB kill gives you an additional 0.2 to the Bloody Rage multiplier and small health refill, which brings me to the most important system in this game: the karma meter. Bloody Rage is the karma multiplier in Razor allowing you to increase the multiplier by succesfully killing people in rapid succession and getting lots of karma in the process, which you can then use to purchase upgrades. This can be activated by performing an SoB or just cutting enough people ...



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