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Ninja Gaiden 3 T Rex Boss Fight Strategy

Thanks to for the upload. Ninja Gaiden 3 T-Rex Boss Fight Strategy Gigantosaurus Close Range Abilities: Stomp Attack Long Rang Abilities: Charge Attack, Tail wipe, Sonic Roar, Bite. Concentrate your attacks on the legs of the Rex 2 - 3 hits then move and repeat. If you see the Rex lift it's leg up high move out of the way. If you get caught you can pound Triangle or Y to throw the Rex off. After some time hacking away at the legs the body will turn chrome. Time to dodge the charge the Rex will continue to charge as long as you keep your distance. Normally 2 charges and the Rex will fall, While the Rex is on the ground go to work on it's head. The chase is on. After the first battle in the arena you will by turned to run there are 2 bones to jump so keep an eye out for bone fragments in your path lastly you will have to slide under a missile. The Rex will pick it up in it's mouth turn and Fire and arrow to detonate the missile. It's not over after a very short cut scene the battle begins again. Use the same dodge technique until the Rex is flat on his face and continue slashing away at his head. There is no prompt to finish the battle so throw in some Triangle (Y) for good measure. When the battle is over you will press Triangle (Y) to slam your sword into it's head deeper and deeper.

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