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Pretty Cure Max Heart GBA - Jungle World

The adventures continue for our heroines as they begin to explore Jungle World. What dangers await them here? Stage 1: Nagisa starts us off and takes a tip from Tarzan as she swings through ropes to reach high ledges. She also jumps on what the Disneyland Jungle Cruise ride should have been; protecting your boat from savage piranhas! They can rip the roof of the ship and limit your mobility! Stage 2: Hikari takes over and encounters similar obstacles that Nagisa faced but a new device has been introduced - blimps! Blimps serve as platforms that allow you to reach high ledges. Hikari also faces a pack of Zakenna possessed plants. Stage 3: Honoka takes her turn at the jungle, and faces a lot of opposition! She faces the same kinds of obstacles Nagisa and Hikari faced, and she has perhaps the most difficult special task yet. She must make her way through a lava filled cave riding atop a mine cart. Be sure to jump when the mine cart slams into a Zakenna posessed treasure chest, you'll take damage if you are on the cart when it collides with them. On the final stretch, fire will errupt from below. Gee, last time it was jets of water trying to go up her dress, this time it's pillars of lava trying to roast her crotch. Poor Honoka just can't get a break can she? It can be difficult to dodge; a flying kick may help you clear it. Try to have some extra hearts in your life meter here as you may take extra damage navigating these hazards. Stage 4: Nagisa is back for another round ...

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