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Part 1/2- See below An example of playing defensively, and against 2 Horse Archers and plenty of cavalry.. People always seem to have problems against both, so here is an example. Ulmo has 3 camel catapharacts, 3 cataphracts, 6 archers and 2 parthian cavalry. The Parthian has long range horse archers (Parthian Cavalry), and I didn't take any long range archers (not that they wil help much). Normally I would take normal horse archers, which have a shorter range and have weaker combat and armour, but are faster. This means that against the normal horse archer, different tactics would be needed. With the gracious permission from Ulmo, who didn't know I was recording the battle, but gave me permission anyways. My aim throughout the battle was to make sure that as few of the opponents arrows are being shot into my rear infantry units, so you will see me attempting to kill arrow units completely, and to make them use up shots on my own archers, jav cav and peasants. My Parthian Opponent has 3 Camel Catas, 3 normal cataphracts, 6 archers and 2 persian cavalry (longe range horse archers). Please tell me if I made a mistake anywhere in spelling or timing my annotations.

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