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Shaco Jungle Route

Stream This build is pretty outdated, it still works, but its not the best. Use at own risk. Masteries 21/0/9 Build: Madred's Razor Boots Madred's Blood Razor Sorc Shoes Banshee's Veil Sterk's Fervor Guardian Angel Runes: Red: ASPD Yellow: Dodge Blue: CD per level Quint: 65 HP/ 1 CD per level Skill Order 1. W 2. E 3. E 4. Q 5. E 6. R There is a better route (in someone else's video) than this that has you start from bottom golems and lizard. Reason why that is better is because most people assume Shaco will start at golem. You need different starting pots if you start from the alternate side. Nerfs since video: JITB nerf, Stealth nerf, CD Nerf, tons...

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