Video - Street Fighter IV - Rufus vs Akuma / Rose vs Cammy / Gouken vs Gen

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Street Fighter IV - Rufus vs Akuma / Rose vs Cammy / Gouken vs Gen

Street Fighter IV - Rufus vs Akuma / Rose vs Cammy / Gouken vs Gen

Old Street Fighter 4 video from months away, and decided to upload it today. Matches between Rufus and Akuma, Rose and Cammy and Gouken and Gen. At the moment Gouken and Ryu are my mains. Ken, Dan and Sakura are my alternates. Sometimes I might use Chun-Li, Fei Long or E.Honda. About the characters in the video... (What I think about them) Rufus is a fat-guy, very similiar to Bob from Tekken 6. Tekken 6 came before Street Fighter 4, so I say Bob came before Rufus(clone! clone! rofl!). Akuma... I hate if people decides to back away and shoot fire balls from the air. It's really frustrating to fight back against a tactic like that. A projectile of your own? What if you don't have one or if yours doesn't go far enough? Rose isn't really for my style. I don't really use him. Cammy... rgh... Her Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike are soooo annoying! And her big homing jump thing is very annoying too, as I barely can dodge it! Conclusion: Cammy is one of the characters I dislike. Guess twice what I think if people online choose her... Gouken is one of my mains. Sometimes I take Gouken Mirror Matches with Hardest-level computer. Sometimes I own it, sometimes it owns me, and sometimes we are even. I like Gouken's style. Feels more advanced compared to Ryu and Ken, and no wonder: He is their teacher or SENSEI. =) Gen... pretty much everything he says is death, death and death. But he is pretty damn old guy, probably makes sense. I don't use him at all. Since I'm playing more Street ...

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