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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Stunt Junkies 101

Stunt Junkies 101

O baby. You ever do that thing where you think you press record when you actually were already recording and you just turned the camera off? I did this the other day when making a stunt video. Some of the footage I got (when I thought I wasn't recording) is still pretty insane, so, we thought we would post that. Tags: megan fox and sexual stuff. Jk. Stunts action crash scared scar scard scarred stupid funny boy boys barried alive car run over berge fist full of awesome arrow neck blood death satin stunts stunt crazy cool kids kid mmm with eyes of fire and desire

megan, fox, and, sexual, stuff., Jk., Stunts, action, crash, scared, scar, scard, scarred, stupid, funny, boy, boys, barried, alive, car, run, over, berge, fist, full, of, awesome, arrow, neck, blood, death, satin, stunt, crazy, cool, kids, kid, mmm, with



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