Video - Super Smash Bros Brawl, Pit vs Tabuu on Intense mode

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Super Smash Bros Brawl, Pit vs Tabuu on Intense mode

Super Smash Bros Brawl, Pit vs Tabuu on Intense mode

I love to beat Tabuu with all the characers on Intense mode, it's just too easy for me, Wanna know Tabuu's attack pattern? I'll tell ya. 1st attack- he will either turn into a goldfish, and ram your character.(sidestep dodge, or jump over it. Will break shield if blocked.) Maybe turn into that golden trap thing.(rolling dodge, or jump over it) Or even ram your character with his big needle.(Block, sidestep, or jump over it. Will dangerously shrink shield.) 2nd attack- He will probaly take out a yellow sticky rope thing to swing your character around.(sidestep or rolling) Or float wherever spot your character is and his heart will split in pieces, and surround him with electricity on you.(rolling dodge to get away from it. Or just run away before they come out.) Or float on a random spot and starts slapping the stage.(Don't get caught in his slaps. If caught, then block, and do rolling dodge. To get out of it.) Or He'll be at the end of the stage, and send twinkles on it that will explode in fire.(A safe place is to probaly jump to his space or jump into the air) And either probaly send clones of himself that will explode if you touch them.(The only way to dodge them is to block, but it will dangerously shrink your shield, if a second one comes to you, all I can say is just take the damage. rolling, sidestep dodges won't work. But if your damage is at 0% and get touched, then you won't get launched off.) 3rd attack- He'll turn his hand into a sprinkler, and shoot his ...

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