Video - Tales of Symphonia: Remiel(Lloyd solo/Mania/NIND)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Tales of Symphonia: Remiel(Lloyd solo/Mania/NIND)

Tales of Symphonia: Remiel(Lloyd solo/Mania/NIND)

Remiel is a (w)holy piece of crap. His arrows fly across the whole battle field, he spams Photon if you're too far away and doesn't feel like shooting arrows, and likes to cast Ray when you're close to slashing him. His Ring Whirlwind is height-based, but still kicks your shit if you're unlucky, then knocks you down for him to cast Photon. What an ass. Remiel's attacks: Fire Arrows, Ring Whirlwind, Photon, Holy Lance, Ray, Teleport. Fire Arrows: Fires 3-4 arrows that you can dodge by jumping or guard. Moderate physical damage. Ring Whirlwind: Hits you once and does moderate physical damage. Performs a knock down if not guarding or slashing with a spin attack. Photon: Two hits of heavy Light elemental damage. Guardian is the only way to avoid most damage. Holy Lance: Five attacks of heavy light elemental damage. Easy to run away from. Ray: 7 hits of heavy light elemental damage. Usually only hit once. Run or use Guardian to avoid. It has a LARGE area of damage. Teleport: Teleports to the middle of the arena. Can chain to Fire Arrows.

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