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The Book of GrapplingIgnorance

The Ministry of Silly Rules: The Book of Eddygoombah: The Book of GrapplingIgnorance Chapter 1 And the Flying Spaghetti Monster did grace the dream of a young school teacher named Richie. 2 He did so by dripping intangible marina through his brain to provide a vision in a dream with an aroma of meatballs. 3 And Richie did bring his vision to fruition, by getting into his Dodge Stratus, buckling his seatbelt, and turning the ignition before taking part on a three hour journey- and the LORD was pleased. 4 And along the way, Richie the educator did stop for some fuel and a Snickers bar at a Speedway, where loose change was gathered from his seats to pay the total sum. 5 Upon his arrival at the destination, Richie found himself at the home of Joshua who did cast jewelry and sell furniture, and who did speak unto him, yo', what's up? 6 And Richie did reply, Hey, hey, notta' lotta'- chillin like a villain with a gold tooth fillin'. Chapter 2 And the two friends did converse of philosophy, and rhetoric, and tolerance, and the tribulations of pimpin' bitches as both were known to do. 2 And as the evening sun did sink in the west, Joshua the jeweler was inspired by the aviary noodle creature himself, and was deeply compelled to share his inspiration of ten really cool things to follow with Richie the educator. 3 These ten sentiments of mandatory coolness Joshua did announce and Richie did record on the back of some napkins from Bojangles Famous ...



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