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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow The Final Voyage - pygame - GameSIG 2012

The Final Voyage - pygame - GameSIG 2012

Created by: Chris Turczynskyj, California State University, Fullerton Skip to gameplay: The Final Voyage was originally constructed as the final project for a game design class at CSUF over the period of a few weeks. Recently I have been adding extra control functionality to my control class in other pygame games and have brought that functionality to The Final Voyage as well so that it now supports keyboard as well as joystick. The Final Voyage runs very much like the shooters of yesterday. The player controls a small ship going up against an enemy that vastly outguns them. The player is expected to use superior control skills and hand eye coordination to dodge the large amount of shots being produced by the enemy while simultaneously landing their own bullets in the enemy. After many bullets, the enemy will finally yield to the underdog player and the player will earn points. If the player's cockpit is hit once, his/her ship explodes and the game is over. If the player defeats all of the enemy's phases, the enemy ship explodes and the game is over. In either case, the score earned up to that point is displayed on the game over screen and if the score is greater than the last top score then it is saved to the file "save.sav." This top score is displayed on most screens in The Final Voyage. You can simply delete "save.sav" if you ever want to reset the top score to its default. Keyboard controls are: arrow keys = move 'a' = fire and menu forward 's' = slow ...

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