Video - Touhou 8 IN - Extra Clear (Part 2) *2nd Attempt*

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Touhou 8 IN - Extra Clear (Part 2) *2nd Attempt*

Touhou 8 IN - Extra Clear (Part 2) *2nd Attempt*

Alright, Mokou's part of the battle.. Well, this is a decent run and It's much, much, MUCH better than my previous run. Player : Illusionary Border Team (Reimu/Yukari) Boss : Fujiwara no Mokou BGM : Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke Spellcards : 1. Ihakasa's Moon Curse - This is quite a pain...This spellcard actually test your dodging capability, with a lil luck needed. 2. Fire Bird - Flying Phoenix- - Fairly easy, but one mistake and you're screwed for the rest of the spellcard. 3. Flaw of Forgiving Shrine - Another fairly easy spellcard. Just requires abit of concentration. 4. Xu Fu's Dimension - Rather easy. Captured it without using much effort. 5. Honest Man's Death - A Terrible Nightmare...Rather hard to capture this spellcard. Tend to screw up due to the red danmaku's. 6. Hollow Giant ''Woo'' - Got trapped. Good thing I have 1 bomb to save my hide. 7. Phoenix Tail - Just requires you to inch abit to avoid the attack. There's a small gap between the shots which allows you to dodge them easily, as shown in the vid. 8. Fujiwara Volcano - One of the most intense spellcard ever. Constant dodging is required for this.Took about 20 runs in spellcard practice to get the hang of it. 9. Possessed by Phoenix - This mainly depends on your dodging skills. There's no way out to this mess, especially the arrow-headed danmaku which is very hectic and frustrating to dodge. 10. Hourai Doll - I never expect myself to capture this spellcard. Guess it depends on your dodging skills ...

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