Video - Touhou - Cirno and Letty's Xmas - Stage 1

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Touhou - Cirno and Letty's Xmas - Stage 1

Touhou - Cirno and Letty's Xmas - Stage 1

Stage 2: Cirno and Letty's Xmas is a fanmade Touhou game by TOSINAC AC It seems to be still under development, and only the first two stages are playable. You can download the latest playable version here: The current version is 2.02. The game comes with the music in MIDI format, however WAV versions of the music are available as a separate download. If you want to use WAV instead of MIDI, download the four bgm zip files and extract them to the game's bgm folder. You can switch the game's music between MIDI and WAV in the options menu. ----- NOTE: The game is much smoother than the video shows. I had to change to 1/2 frame skip to record at 60 FPS. ----- Yay, my first video with over

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