Video - Trine Speedrun: Dragon Graveyard: 1:07

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Trine Speedrun: Dragon Graveyard: 1:07

Trine Speedrun: Dragon Graveyard: 1:07

Turns out using ninja rope instead of just flying through the map is just faster. Perhaps not as rebellious though. I glitched through the bit after the first flails : ) Things I found with this map that is not done: 1. first massive ninja into the unknown can take you one platform further with luck so you can keep it going all the way till the mid point essentially. 2. obviously the plank jump could be slightly more smooth, but you have to time with the flails anyway. Unless: it's possible to dodge under the flails with a verylucky ninja rope. this is next to impossible though. 3. fire arrow on the last platform (where you triangle) makes fire sometimes permeate along the ground instantly killing the skeleton for you. looks very cool. i predict 104 possible overall with all these things (+ all my things that went right) implemented, but it would be an insane and lucky run.

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