Video - Ultimate Challenger Road Trip - Part 3

Videa Dodge Challenger Ultimate Challenger Road Trip - Part 3

Ultimate Challenger Road Trip - Part 3

Join Motor Trend Editor In Chief, Angus Mackenzie as he takes Dodge's all-new 2009 Challenger SRT8 on the ultimate road trip through Europe. Day 7 - We take our 2008 Dodge Challenger to the Fiat Lingotto building in Turin, where we visit the banked rooftop track made famous in the original 1969 movie "The Italian Job." Day 8 - We hit the legendary Sarthe circuit at Le Mans on Day 8 of our Ultimate Challenger Road Trip. Day 9 - Our 2008 Dodge Challenger has a date with history as we head to Omaha Beach, one of the pivotal D-Day landing beaches of World War II. Read the story here:

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