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Ultimecia vs Squall LV 103 - Dissidia Final Fantasy

Or: How Final Fantasy VIII Should Have Ended. Ultimecia is my favorite villain in Final Fantasy. Squall is my least favorite character. As such, every match between my lady and my nemesis is a matter of utmost gravity in my eyes, and I think this match has that sense of epic stand-off to it. Particular Notes: *Squall is murderous if he gets in close. All of his distance moves--his magic, Rough Divide, Blasting Zone--are easy to spot coming and easy to dodge. However, his close-range attacks are very fast and eat through your Brave like a rabid ferret in a carrot field. Push him away with Knight Sword and Knight Axe and keep him there with charged Knight Arrows. *Because a lot of Ultimecia's attacks will stop short against an obstacle such as the crystal blocks in the Crystal World, it's a good idea to fire out charged Knight Axes or HP attacks on occasion just to clear the air and help your projectiles reach their mark. *The ideal time to dodge Rough Divide is right after you hear the odd "vwhip"ing sound of its charge. If you wait until he starts moving you'll be too late, and if you dodge right when you hear the charge you'll be too soon. *Even if somebody is blocking your Knight Sword, it still gives you a chance to move around without fear of being attacked. Head toward a new position while your enemy is stuck blocking and dodge away to initiate your next tactic. *A charged Knight Axe will slice through a Fusillade or a Mystic Flurry like a knife through butter. And ...

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