Video - Vindictus Beokros Staff Evie Solo (Season of Macha)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Vindictus Beokros Staff Evie Solo (Season of Macha)

Vindictus Beokros Staff Evie Solo (Season of Macha)

  • This solo is a success ( no damage exquisite used, no stims, no any types of pots) -just a test run where I test how much magic arrow I can pull out with 64 attack speed since my friend recommend me to just pewpewpewpew to maximize my dps since I have 64 aspd. Limits the use of blinding arrows fire bolts ,eagle talon mines (dps purpose) and ice spears for this test run... I only used blinding when he does his center ice wall Player: Tsuzura Server: West - Barely sparrow, most ice balls were dodge through hop - Usually takes 43mins-51mins if I dont limit the use of focus spells - Been soloing him since the 3rd day of his release... so theres a big difference in battle strategies used and the experience between the two videos of the East evie and this x3

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