Video - [Vindictus EU] Ahglan The Golem Staff Evie Solo (Practise/Guide Run)

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow [Vindictus EU] Ahglan The Golem Staff Evie Solo (Practise/Guide Run)

[Vindictus EU] Ahglan The Golem Staff Evie Solo (Practise/Guide Run)

KariYagami - Extreme Ahglan The Golem Solo Practise/Guide Run (Will Improve someday that, When i fix my FPS Drop) Video Info: Staff Evie soloing Ahglan The Golem on Vindictus XE version Europe. Practise/Guide Run, Nothing Fancy im sorry! Stats: 70 Evie (97k AP) 5482 Defense 14019 M.ATT 118 Stamina 2846 HP 56 ATT SPD 80 BAL 90 CRIT RESIST Tips: If not recording (At full FPS) it is possible to dodge everything with Sparrow with the right timeing, i did it dureing this recording in one of the parts for it to be seen, Altho i would say, Keep it safe and just Amber into Ahglan, He will project you into a good place almost all the time. Use Blind Arrow always after he did the Spin or is at huge distance, Then use Ice Spear, Fire bolt may fail due to the fact his body is weird, Ice Blast's animation is risky but worth a shot too if you got the right distance. When he does the Spin is also a good time to repair your gear, i always go to the campfire when hes doing spin, If you have Campfire Buff still active all you need is to click on the anvil one second to orange your gear and it will restore automaticly. Left click is best friend at the rest of the moments when your close to him, Use it till he is going to attack you (And Amber into him when he attacks you) Then get your stamina back and repeat. Ok not so serious one: Always repair your gear near the end For Foto Finish!! And of course because Kairo_Chisaki the evil Fiona whenever he use to fail solo's it would be at last ...

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