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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Vindictus Europe Evie Guide Tips and Tricks

Vindictus Europe Evie Guide Tips and Tricks

For Scythes and Staffs all that i have teached ingame is here in this Video basicly. Instructions more detailed here in Description: Step One: Have Eagle Talon High (Rank 9) You need Magic Fire Mine spell to get that bar like in the video to be able to do these tricks. Part 1: Scythe Evie: Blink Mine: To do this is simple, With the Magic Fire Mine wait till the bar is filling up after half way you can double click shift, as the Blink ends you will cast a Magic Fire Mine. *Note* You can change direction dureing blink so you can use this tacticly in pvp/pve Part 2: Staff Evie Focus Guard: This one is basicly focuseing (Right Click) But you got to get the timeing right, You got to focus exactly half a second before you get hit for example so that you got a glow/The Focus on you in order to protect you from getting hit, It takes a lot of practise this one to not do it wrong, But if you master this one on a certain boss, its handy for emergancy situations. Part 3: Both Evies: No Stamina hop: This is a common mistake evies have, At Titan/Klaus Evies give up on living because they have no Stamina, WRONG! You can hop for NO STAMINA COST! so just spam a direction key and hop away! Its like you never learned blink or mana amber! You can just non stop hop! You will get to safety easy like this (WASD + Shift) Part 4: Staff Evie (Kari's PvP Mines use in PvE!) First one is: The Shift/Hop Mine (Hop Mine works on Scythe too) Simply almost fill your bar up (Magic Fire mine Bar) Then do ...

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