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Vindictus]Mabinogi Heroes - Brief status of Kai

There used to be 2 big issues with Kai. The first one was that arrow storm and dual link was not working The second was that emotes like f5 canceled the motion for short bow firing so, when timed correctly, it allowed Kai to practically machine gun fire his arrows. The recent patch that was applied Tuesday took care of these problems [although dual link still functions a little clunky at times] along with some other minor bugs. But, kai's side step short arrow fire bug still seems to be working along with the long bow 'gasping shot' [which is shown briefly in 2:03] Though they are nothing close to being as game breaking as the emote cancel, they still do give Kai users a little boost in the right situation. The majority of the tweaking process seems to be coming to an end. Kai doesn't seem to have any more glaringly obvious bugs anymore and the current playstyle is being set in. My personal complaint is that Magnum Shot is still not strong enough to merit it's cost [both in SP and difficulty in using it] and that in most battles people end up only using normal shots and multi-sniping. I wish they'd just decrease the SP cost of some skills and nerf their damage so that Kai could use a larger variety of skills more easily but I don't see that happening :(

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