Video - Vindictus - Staff Soloing Makes Me Cry

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Vindictus - Staff Soloing Makes Me Cry

Vindictus - Staff Soloing Makes Me Cry

BUT I'LL GET IT DOWN PAT ONE DAY. I KNOW IT. I WILL. Seriously, I love using my staff, but it's so silly to use. The slightest mistake and you can kiss most of/all of your health goodbye. If I didn't have shields this would literally be the most horrible thing I could try doing in this game. I throw a spear and can't get away in time, my shields are gone. I mistake my stamina recovery icon for my firebolt one and hit the wrong button and lost most of my health. I fire off a magic arrow thinking I'll be able to dodge in time, can't, and my shields are gone. Sigh. But I'll get it some day. :(

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