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Watch Fatal 4 Way Free Call it jealousy, envy or just primal instinct. For whatever reason, on any given day, WWE Champion John Cena has a bull's-eye painted squarely on his back. And most every Superstar in WWE is busy stalking The Champ with a quiver of poison-tipped arrows. Usually, Cena must only escape the projectiles of a solitary opponent. At Fatal 4-Way, however, The Champ will be caught in the crossfire of three other warriors: Edge, Randy Orton and Sheamus. Cena, as king of the mountain, will be forced to dodge more than his share of fire, but each Superstar will also have their own crosshairs to bear -- and elude. While Sheamus is the least experienced of the combatants, The Celtic Warrior has already logged a brutal history with both Cena and Orton. The great unknown in the bout appears to be how he and Edge will match up -- brute force against intense cunning. The other competitors have taken years to size up their opponents' strengths and weaknesses, making victory for any of these men all that more elusive, although any can win as long as they secure the first pin.

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