Video - Wind Waker [3 Hearts] Part 19 - Final Battle and Ending

Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Wind Waker [3 Hearts] Part 19 - Final Battle and Ending

Wind Waker [3 Hearts] Part 19 - Final Battle and Ending

The last fight with Ganon awaits Link at the top of the tower. He uses the rope produced by Puppet Ganon's death to climb into the rafters and through an exit to the outside that somehow brings Link to the top of the tower despite it having no real entrance or exit. Ganon then becomes a deeper character than he is in any game and knocks Link the fuck out. He draws the triforce piece out of Link's hand and begins making a wish on it, when the King of Hyrule appears out of nowhere and makes a wish on it himself; he wishes that Hyrule be drowned forever (for real this time) because its brought nothing but trouble since Ganon was sealed away in the events of Ocarina of Time. Link lends Zelda his bow to shoot light arrows at Ganon while Link distracts him. Ganon gets wise to this after being shot twice and knocks Zelda out as opposed to just killing her. Link beats Ganon's ass until Zelda regains consciousness. Zelda explains that Ganon probably will dodge all her light arrows and elects to fire Light Arrows and Link's Mirror Shield so that they will be reflected into Ganon in an arc that he can't dodge. This plan works, and Link parries Ganon's final attack, throwing his Mirror Shield to the side, striking Ganon, jumping fifteen feet into the air, and jamming his sword a foot into Ganon's head. Ganon utters his final words and turns to stone, the Master Sword still jutting out of his head. The King apologizes for getting Link and Zelda into this and tells them to return to ...



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