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Words of Wisdom

sapha12 gives you a sampling of his time-honoured wisdom to memorize, cherish, and pass down unto future generations. Heed these words and you too shall have a more fulfilled and complete life. TO SUBSCRIBE AND LEARN OTHER VALUABLE LIFE SKILLS: TO MEET ME ON THE TWITTERS: TO PLAY ME IN TETRIS (no, seriously. I like playing Tetris. I would like to play you in Tetris :). Because you can, you see. ;).): username sapha12 SUBSCRIBER REWARD VIDEOS THAT ARE FILMED AND READY TO POST: How to Dodge an Arrow @ 20 Subscribers (HIT ON FEBRUARY 2, 2012, TO BE POSTED) How to Dodge a Bullet, Part 2 @ 50 Subscribers You wanna see 'em? Get your friends to subscribe ;). :) (And, y' too :).)

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