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Videa Dodge Fire Arrow Zelda A Link to the Past - Ganon - No damage

Zelda A Link to the Past - Ganon - No damage

Ganon beaten without taking damage. Played in real time on Snes9x v1.43 rerecording. The first stage of the fight with Ganon is easy. Just wail on him with your sword while he throws his trident around. The second stage is considerably harder and is the most difficult part of the fight. He'll form a circle of fiery bats around his trident and then launch them out at you one after another. These can be very hard to dodge, but there's a few basic patterns you can follow to dodge them, as shown in the video. Keep slashing Ganon with your sword in between the volleys of bats but beware that the timing of them becomes more irregular as he takes damage. The third stage isn't too hard as long as you're careful. Ganon will start teleporting much more frequently, and if you're not close to him when he appears he'll stop and release a bat that will circle out from him, leaving a trail of fire behind it. What you want to do here is stand about four floor tile widths away from where Ganon teleports to and not move until he stops flashing. Once he's fully materialized run up and slash him with your sword before retreating again. After each hit from your sword Ganon will knock away an outer row of floor tiles from the room. Be very careful not to fall off the edge, because if you do you'll have to start the fight over again from the beginning. Once the tiles are gone from all four sides of the room the final stage of the fight begins. The two torches in the room will go out and Ganon ...

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