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Zelda A Link to the Past - Trinexx - No damage

Trinexx beaten without taking damage. Played in real time on Snes9x v1.43 rerecording. This fight becomes much easier if you have the Golden Sword (Lv.4), so remember to get it before heading into Turtle Rock. The first order of business is killing Trinexx's blue head since its breath will coat the floor with ice and hamper your movement. Shoot it with the Fire Rod to stun it, then slash it with your sword. Try not to let it ever breath ice or else the last part of the fight can become much more difficult. You're unable to pause the game and switch to the Ice Rod while a head is exploding, so just dodge until you're able to and then repeat the process with Trinexx's red head. Unlike the ice, its fire will disappear after a couple seconds and leave the floor unaffected, so don't worry too much about keeping it stunned. Trinexx's center head will periodically launch out at you on its extendable neck. You can tell when this is going to happen by watching Trinexx's tail. When it starts swinging back and forth faster than usual that's your cue to dodge. Make sure you're moving when the neck extends, so it'll miss, because it can reach all the way into the corners of the room. After you destroy both the red and blue heads Trinexx's shell will explode and its central worm-like body will start chasing you around the room. It gains speed as it continues to travel in the same direction, quickly overtaking your running speed. However, it's slow at changing directions. Use this ...



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