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Zelda Ocarina of Time - Bongo Bongo - No damage

Bongo Bongo beaten without taking damage. Played in real time on Mupen64 0.5 re-recording v2. To damage Bongo Bongo you'll first have to stun both its hands. The easiest way to do this is with the bow, though the Hookshot and your sword also work. While it's beating on the drum target a hand and fire at it when you get bounced up into the air. If you fire at the height of the bounce you'll always hit unless the hand starts moving to attack. After both hands are stunned activate the Lens of Truth and target the main body. Wait for it to start rushing towards you, then fire an arrow into its eye (make sure you're directly in front of it or you might miss), stunning it and allowing you to damage it with your sword. While you're busying trying to stun the hands there are four different ways Bongo Bongo can attack with them. The first is an open-handed grab where a hand will sweep across the drum at you; shoot it with an arrow if you have time, otherwise dodge to the side. The second is a closed-fist punch; the hand is invulnerable while doing this so just dodge it like you would a grab. Third, a hand will move above you and then come down to crush you; shoot it before it can come down if you're targeting it or just roll out from under it and counter-attack with your sword or bow when it lands. Fourth is a feint and then attack from behind which is very fast and the hardest to avoid; if you see the hand fly past you at high speed, untarget and hold in R to crouch and let it ...

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